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About Us
Hawx Smart Pest Control provides professional pest management services to customers across the country. We're passionate about protecting the people and places our customers love. Combining the latest technology with service excellence, we provide not only customized services, but also a world-class customer experience.
Why Us
Hawx's comprehensive services use multiple control methods to protect your home from pest invaders. After each service, you'll receive a data-rich Smart Service Report that not only tells you, but also shows you what we did to protect your home.
5 Steps to Protect Your Home from Common Pests
During General Pest Control services, a full exterior inspection ensures what we identify all areas vulnerable to pest activity.
Foundation Treatment
Using a liquid product, we treat the foundation of the home, creating a barrier of protection from pests.
Crack & Crevice Treatment
We apply a dust product to any hard-to-reach cracks and crevices around the home to keep even the smallest pests out.
Yard Treatment
We spot treat based on the landscape features of each yard. We apply granules to pest vulnerability areas, including flower beds, tree bases, and other areas that are known to attract pests.
De-webbing Service
Using an extension pole, we remove cobwebs and nests around the eaves, roofline, doorways, porch/patios, bushes, foundation(s), light fixtures, garage(s), and anywhere else webs are spotted. We also apply product to targeted areas during this step.
Extended Barrier Treatment
We apply liquid and/or granular products to any pest vulnerability areas identified during the inspection to provide a full 6-foot perimeter of protection around the home.
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We plant trees with One Tree Planted. Every tree makes a positive impact for nature, wildlife, and people.
Hawx Smart Pest Control will plant 1 tree for every new customer.
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